OnClick(Studios) Adventure

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Heather Feimster – Texas, USA

I’m the Creative Director for OnClick(Studios) – a new startup/adventure that is now consuming my life. This blog is to share what I’m learning along the way, as well as other golden nuggets of wisdom that I come across.

I’m a news-junkie newlywed with a new puppy and not enough sleep who enjoys coffee shops, family and a good glass of pinot noir.

David Campbell – California, USA

I’m the Information Guru for OnClick(Studios), a company I started along with a good friend from college, Heather. I try to balance out her amazing marketing and PR skills with my techie skillz.

I just moved to California two years ago. I work for a Silicon Valley company and devote the rest of my time to syntax, unix, and the occasional game of pool.

Thanks for checking us out and stay tuned to watch our adventure unfold!

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